Imagine for a moment you’re driving down the freeway. It’s 3 in the morning. There’s only a few other cars on the road, maybe 2 within sight. You don’t have the radio on. You feel the on-and-off glow of the sulfur lamps beaming into your vehicle. It’s a feeling that can only be described as peaceful.

Night time is awesome. Few people are awake to disturb you. Those that are would rather keep to themselves than disturb you anyway. Nobody argues at 3 in the morning. Bakers are baking their daily production. Computer administrators are cleaning out the overdue maintenance. People at home can program without being disturbed. Mail carriers move their assigned packages between postal offices. Overall, the worlds important work happens in the peace of the night. The time when the people who are awake are most alert. The time when the people who are asleep are regaining the strength necessary to conduct their daily business.

Night time is beautiful.