Saying I had no friends in high school would be a mischaracterization. I had friends. I don’t think I realized we were friends.

There were these girls in senior year. I’d be flat out lying if I said I didn’t think now that they were friends. We talked a lot about… stuff. I don’t even really know anymore… I remember they both went to the same school prior, one had a boyfriend who still did, the other… I never really knew. I was oblivious. In fairness, I probably still am. I never really recognized any of the typical crush signs. Well… that’s a lie. It’s more like I never really knew how to progress on them. I was already uncomfortable around them and doing my best to avoid showing that.

Looking back, it makes me realize that I’ve made mistakes, both professionally and personally. I remember a conversation from back in the 7th grade on how air is a limited resource and how if we plan on colonizing planets it’d be wasteful building an atmosphere around a planet with this sacred and limited resource. For some reason, I took this conversation as a sign. Whoops.

I like to think I learn from mistakes. Some of them are absolutely harder to learn from, but I make an effort to learn from them all.