People always say that mental illness is horrible, that the people afflicted with it shouldn’t be called retards, or that they need to be protected for some reason or another. Absolutely I’ll concede that having a mental illness is a negative thing.

But you know what’s worse than the mere disease itself? The stigma.

I’m not talking about the stigma that someone who’s got a mental illness is a “retard”, “dumbass”, or otherwise. I’ve come to embrace those labels. They’re fun to play around with.

No. The worst part of having mental illness is how you’re a class that needs to be protected. That you’re somehow incapable of defending yourself. That being called a retard or a dumbass somehow hurts you. Because in reality, it doesn’t.

Why’s it hurt? Well, with being called a retard, dumbass, or otherwise, you can tell a person they’re wrong or ignore them. That’s a socially acceptable thing to do. But when a person says you need to protect the special needs, that they’re an inferior class, that they need to be fought for, as if they can’t, that hurts. It hurts because it implies we can’t fight for our own dignity in our own way. What happens when you express your disdain for that activity? Well, that just makes you an asshole, unsupportive to people with special needs, not understanding, never mind that I know exactly what a mental illness feels like every god forsaken day of my life.

You’re an asshole if you believe “special needs” as they call it aren’t an inferior class of person.

Society is great, isn’t it?